Lead Engineer, Heavy Oil ( RFCC Experience )

Job purpose 

Lead Engineer Process Heavy Oil Units under Team Leader Suhar Process Engineering’s scope, for the development, implementation and continuous improvement of process engineering-based activities acting as Subject Matter Expert of heavy oil units with major strength in RFCC and LPG Merox Process Optimization standards through:

(1) Lead the identification, implementation, and continuous improvement of process optimization based activities for RFCC and LPG Merox for improving efficiency, maximizing yield, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring the production of high-quality products considering Process Modeling and Simulation, Advanced Control Strategies, Feedstock Analysis and Blending, Heat Integration, Fouling and Corrosion Management, Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, Energy Efficiency Improvements, Process Safety and Environmental Compliance,

(2)  Analyses and prepares optimization proposals  while executing  the corresponding engineering actions,  task and activities  related to  opportunities of optimization for such processes

(3) Lead and execute actions to ensure that heavy oil units and mainly RFCC and LPG Merox Process Services meets Management strategy, tactics  and operational performance goals,

(4) Provides technical/engineering support focused on specific operations related to Heavy oil units with focus in RFCC & LPG Merox processes and the corresponding engineering, maintenance and operational teams, and (5) Guide young engineers in related matters for their continuous Training and Workforce Development; in order to ensure projects and service actions, tasks and targets are achieved efficiently and to optimum standards.

The position will act in accordance with the Group’s Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies, as well as, policies, guidelines, and standards, supported by IT Technology platform, HSE standards, Omani government & other legal justifications, and best international practices in consonance with national objectives.
Main tasks and responsibilities

Scope of Lead Engineer May cover some of the below processes subject to business needs:

Suhar Refinery Areas

    CDUs, VDU & DCU (Heavy Oil)    Crude / Vacuum Distillation  

    RFCC (Heavy Oil)    Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracking 

    MEROX (Heavy Oil)    Mercaptan oxidation for LPG and Kerosene
    INALK    Indirect Alkylation 
    SHP    Selective hydrogenation process
    SRU/ARU/SWS    Sulfur recovery units, Amine regeneration units and sour water stripper units
    TSHP/TAME     Tame Selective Hydrogenation Process/ Tert-Amyl-Methyl-Ether unit
    HCU    Hydrocracker Unit  

    Hydrotreaters    Hydrotreaters: Hydro-desulfurization (HDS) to remove sulfur and nitrogen compounds from natural gas and other refined petroleum products like diesel, and gasoline.
    HGU    Hydrogen Generation Unit: Pre-desulfurization section, followed by desulfurization, reforming and process gas cooling with high temperature shift conversion to increase the hydrogen content of the process gas.

Main task and responsibilities for this position will be within but not limited to RFCC and LPG Merox Unit and HCU.

Main Aspects 

Process Optimization
     The systematic approach of analyzing data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to optimize production (improving efficiency and effectiveness) of various processes including cracking, mercaptans oxidation, catalysts & chemical management, among others, to improve their performance by minimizing energy consumption, reducing operating costs, and maximizing production.
Process Control     Real-time monitoring, simulation, modelling, and data analytics to enable the identification process inefficiencies, reduce waste and emissions, and optimize the use of raw materials, energy, and other resources within RFCC Complex.
Product Quality    Data analytics that aim to meet regulatory requirements for product quality in RFCC Complex, upgrades, and maintenance.

Main Optimization Strategies

Optimization Strategy    

1    Process Modeling and Simulation    
•    Utilize advanced process simulation software to create dynamic of RFCC and products separation. Simulations can help identify bottlenecks, optimize operating conditions, and predict the impact of changes without disrupting the actual operations.

2    Advanced Control Strategies    
•    Support on implementation of advanced process control (APC) strategies to optimize the control of various parameters such as temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. Model Predictive Control (MPC) can be particularly effective in optimizing catalytic cracking in R&R section of the RFCC and the entire product separation process within the complex in real-time.
3    Feedstock Analysis and Blending    
•    Perform detailed analysis of incoming RFCC raw oil feedstock to understand its composition and potential impact in catalyst and product yield. Adjust blending ratios of different feedstock sources to optimize the combined raw oil composition for better yields and minimum impact in catalyst.
4    Heat Integration    
•    Implement heat exchanger networks and pinch analysis to optimize the heat integration within the units. Recover heat from hot streams and utilize it in processes requiring heating. This reduces energy consumption and improves overall efficiency.
5    Fouling and Corrosion Management    
•    Support on implementation of effective fouling and corrosion management strategies on critical heat exchangers and column internals. Regular cleaning schedules, monitoring of fouling rates, and selecting corrosion-resistant materials can prevent the degradation of equipment performance over time.
8    Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance    
•    Implement real-time monitoring systems to collect data from various sensors and instruments. Utilize predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to predict equipment failures and perform maintenance proactively.
9    Energy Efficiency Improvements    
•    Evaluate energy usage patterns and implement energy-saving measures, such as installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) on pumps and fans, optimizing steam usage, and utilizing waste heat for other processes.

10    Process Safety and Environmental Compliance    
•    Support Process Safety on Technical Evaluation of MOCs, Alarm Rationalization, Hazop, among others and ensure that optimization strategies also prioritize process safety and environmental compliance. Implement safeguards to prevent operational deviations that could lead to accidents or environmental violations.
11    Continuous Training and Workforce Development    
•    Invest in the continuous training and development of the operating staff. 


Process Engineering
Heavy Oil     
Lead the Engineering Processes at RFCC and heavy oil units Complex and procedures implementation to assure that PES team completes the technical assessments, recommendations, tasks, and activities as per objectives and ensures that the technical support requirements for all the maintenance and operations assets are performed in a timely manner in order to minimise the downtime.
Cooperates on contract management, interacting with the Vendors/OEM management, coordination with Engineering/TSD/Inspection, FATs & SATs support, RCM Management, HAZOP, and other departments, 
Provides inputs to optimize the assigned budget for the department.
Identify and execute opportunities to optimize operations within RFCC Complex and across process for Suhar Refinery. 
Identify process optimization in terms of Yield and Feedstock to increase revenue of the Company. 
Supervises and verify design work performed by internal/ external engineering resources, which results in process optimization for assigned Units.
Prepare data for Heat and Material Balances, Process Flow Diagrams, designs minor plant modifications, and follows through to the project completion.
Prepare technical procedures in line with modifications and new systems implemented.
Resolve issues that have a direct operational business impact, using problem-solving tools and techniques and balancing multiple considerations (e.g., economic, operating, maintenance, technical).
Analysis the design, findings of engineer’s analyses data and identifies opportunities to optimize operations within and across process units or equipment.
Recommends improvements to department procedures so that all procedures are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost effective service managing budget and quality control. 

Monitoring and executing process engineering Services to look after short to long term plant solutions, RCAs & FMEAs, spare parts reviews & optimizations, Area Reliability Committee involvements, PM reviews, TA scopes, cost optimization, among others

Coaching & guidance
Provides technical support and guidance to the operating team on daily basis and longer term based on operating tactics and demands in order to ensure that all staff can complete their tasks and responsibilities.

Key interactions
Internal: Operators, Shift supervisor, Maintenance Coordinator, Process Trainer, Technical Services Department, Engineer production. All TSD Team Leaders and Engineers, Operations, Maintenance and Procurement & Contracts Liaise with the colleagues and stakeholders for day-to-day work.
External: Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers
Notable Working Conditions. Field Operations and office environment, Moderate to intensive computer screen use.
Education requirements    Minimum Qualifications for this position are bachelor’s degree in engineering preferably in Chemical Engineering.
Language requirements      Excellent knowledge of written, read, and spoken English (required) | Arabic - Native (desirable)
Background and experience    Competencies and skills
•    15+ years of relevant experience.
•    Relevant experience in similar role within the Oil & Gas / Refinery / Petrochemical industry, 
•    Related experience in RFCC and LPG Merox units. 
•    Experience and well versed in field investigation, inspections, troubleshooting, performance checks, data compilation, etc.
•    Understanding of Process Plant (P&ID / PFD) & Engineering drawings and OEM manuals.
•    Experience in benchmarking studies like Solomon.
•    Experience in Asset Master Data governance, field materials specifications and international standards.
•    Expertise for budgeting and cost control.
•    Familiar with techniques for ensuring data integrity with various integration of information/ reports. 
•    Experience in Process Engineering for refinery optimization strategies:
o    Process Modelling and Simulation using KBC PetroSim and Aspen Hysys.
o    Advanced Control Strategies
o    RFCC Feedstock Analysis and blending
o    Heat Integration
o    Fouling and Corrosion Management
o    Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
o    Energy Efficiency Improvements
o    Process Safety support on MOC, Alarm Rationalization, etc and Environmental Compliance
o    Continuous Training and Workforce Development     Soft: 
•    Leadership skills
•    Strong Communication skill verbal and written.
•    Decisiveness 
•    Exercising influence   
•    Work Prioritization
•    Critical Thinking Skills
•    Result orientation
•    Planning and Organizing 

•    Computer knowledge in MS Office applications like MS Word, MS excel, PPT, etc.
•    Sound judgement in technical matters with good skills in engineering 
•    Good knowledge and expertise of SAP.
•    Knowledge in software applications like PI, and LIMS etc.  
•    Knowledge of process engineering best practices
•    Effective planning and organizing skills.
•    Proficient at interpreting Technical Drawings
•    Accurate Reporting skill
•    SOP interpretation
•    Refinery commissioning and start-up.
•    Knowledge in HSE (Process Safety Fundamentals, H2S Awareness, Basic Fire Fighting, Emergency Response)
•    Knowledge of Refinery processes

Job Req ID:  55876
Date:  Jun 30, 2024

Sohar, OM

Entity:  OQ Refineries and Petrol
Business Unit:  RPI Operations
Division:  Technical Services RPI
Country/Region:  OM