Sr. Specialist, Warehouse Ops

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Snr Specialist Warehouse Operations






 Finance, Commercial & SCM


Commercial & SCM





Budget control


Reporting to

Manager Inventory & Logistics  

Direct Reports



Main tasks and responsibilities 



  • Warehouse Operations Management
  • Warehouse Processes and SOPs
  • Preservation and verification
  • Procurement, Inventory management & logistics
  • Chemical Management
  • Audits and statutory requirements
  • Technology and Systems
  • Process Improvement and Recommendations
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance
  • Coaching / Guidance




Warehouse Operations Management

  • Provide robust expertise in the warehouse process and implement and improve best practices of Oil and Gas MRO warehouse management Implement warehouse processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet the requirement as well as the end user requirements keep up the asset Maintenance and operational.
  • Oversee all aspects of warehouse operations, including receiving, storage, inventory management, and distribution.
  • Develop and implement warehouse procedures and protocols to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and security standards in warehouse operations.
  • Supervise warehouse staff and provide training and guidance as needed.
  • Monitor and optimize warehouse layout and organization to maximize space utilization and workflow efficiency.
  • Supervise all activities for receiving materials from EPC contractors for new Projects, surplus and leftover. Ensure all materials are SAP codes and assign the binning and labelling!
  • Plan and schedule warehouse activities and resources to meet operational and project needs.
  • Resolve any issues or problems related to warehouse operations or customer service.
  • Ensure accurate materials are issued to the production line and prompt updates to the system day-to-day
  • Ensure smooth operation of Warehouse Material Handling Equipment by periodical maintenance and checkups.
  • Monitor and manage materials requirements for TA and Emergency maintenance activities.
  • Ensuring the SAP Digital barcoding process is adopted and ensuring the use of handheld devices to it full use.
  • Hal yearly and yearly movement of obsolesce and expired and damaged for write off and clean-up of warehouse stocks.
  • Analyse problems, investigate causes and collaborate with co-workers to find solutions by initiating / & recommending remedies for implementation.


Warehouse Processes and SOPs


  • Implement warehouse processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure efficient and standardized operations.
  • Ensure that Contractor staff at the warehouse are fully compliant with Warehouse Policies and Procedures and oversee their implementation.

Preservation and verification

  • Ensure to maintain the proper preservation of spare parts, chemicals, catalysts, and other requirements & OEM guidelines.
  • Monitor and maintain stock availability and accuracy using SAP and other systems by applying the SAP physical count process.
  • Ensure timely physical verification and audit checks are performed to ensure SAP and physical inventory are reconciled. Settle the discrepancies on time.
  • Analyse problems, investigate causes and collaborate with co-workers to find solutions by initiating / & recommending remedies for implementation.
  • Present research findings to customers and advise staff with process recommendations to improve warehouse operations.
  • Build and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods and services.
  • Monitor supplier performance address any issues or concerns and send feedback to the vendor management section timely.

 Procurement, Inventory Management &Logistics

  • Monitor and understand procure-to-pay process integrations.
  • Monitoring o Materials long-term contracts for the materials
  • Purchase materials such as spares, Lube & Chemicals, consumables and equipment in order to ensure that the company operational needs are met, taking into account price, quality and delivery and to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Provide feedback on stock out and depletions and abnormal consumption feedback to Inventory management /end-user for timely refill or replenishment.
  • Coordinate with the logistic team for the safe and unloading of items and arrival planning or materials etc.
  • Provide feedback on rejection or discrepancies to inventory as well as end-user and supplier with reason during the inspection.
  • Liaise with other departments, such as procurement, logistics, engineering, and maintenance, to ensure smooth and timely delivery of MRO materials and equipment.

Chemical management

  • Manage the chemical receipt and issues as per SOP and follow FEFO.
  • Identify the potential spills that can happen and take proactive measures.
  • Segregate the chemicals according to the hazardous classification and store as per the storage guidelines of MSDS.
  • Optimize the storage space by re-allocating and re-adjusting the stocks on  hold and improving the designs


Technology and Systems

  • Utilize warehouse management systems (WMS) digital barcoding technology and other technology tools to streamline warehouse operations and improve efficiency.
  • Implement process improvements and automation to enhance warehouse productivity and accuracy.
  • Capture and archive all receipt documentation using technology into the DMS server along with SAP documents such as GRN, GIN   etc.

Process Improvement and Recommendations

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and cost savings within warehouse operations.
  • Implement best practices and standards to optimize warehouse performance.
  • Participate in cross-functional teams or initiatives aimed at improving supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify critical issues, similarities, and inconsistencies in warehouse operations.
  • Execute end-to-end processes and recommend material changes or improvements that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse operations.
  • Analyse problems, investigate causes and collaborate with co-workers to find solutions by initiating and recommending remedies for implementation.


Education requirements

Bachelor’s degree in supply chain, Engineering, Production Operations Management, Business Administration or equivalent. (10+2+3/4)

Background and experience

Competencies and skills

  • 8+ years of relevant experience.
  • Oil and Gas / Energy industry experience essential (including Downstream exposure) in a warehouse of MRO.
  • Working experience in procurement, warehousing, and Inventory and capable of working in any  of the above sections
  • Good hands-on experience in implementing Material Flow systems, Packaging Standardization & Logistics optimization.
  • Preferred Manufacturing Plant / Program Launch exposure.
  • Proven experience in SCM, preferably in a senior or specialist role.
  • Strong knowledge of inventory management principles, warehouse procedures, and logistics operations.
  • Experience with warehouse management systems (WMS) and other technology tools.
  • Strong working Knowledge of SAP is essential for MM and WM module


Job Req ID:  55890
Date:  Jul 10, 2024

Duqm, OM

Entity:  Duqm Refinery & Petrochem
Business Unit:  OQ8
Division:  Finance, Commercial & SCM
Country/Region:  OM