Graduate Hiring Program

Graduate Hiring Program

Welcome aboard the OQ Graduate Hiring Program where you will undertake a transformational journey that is exciting, challenging and career-defining. In-depth projects, sessions and learning experience that will broaden your horizon await you on this journey.

Joining Graduate Hiring Program is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge while applying the theories you acquired in your studies.

Consider yourself among those talented young Omanis who are here to make a difference. You have been chosen because you are bright, motivated, have diverse interests and boast of a great academic and personal track record.

OQ is delighted to have you and shape you to become an integral component of the organisation’s future. You are joining one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East, whose strategic growth projects will fundamentally reshape and add further value to Oman’s energy sector.

OQ is a great mentor. It is a dynamic platform that allows you to apply your knowledge practically and be the agent of change.

Safety is our top priority, so please ensure you fully understand and comply with the safety and regulations. Your commitment to the training sessions will translate into high performance and great achievement for you and for OQ.

Welcome again. Let’s thrive together.

About the Graduate Hiring Program

Launched in 2011, the OQ Graduate Hiring Program has been, for over a decade, serving as an enabler for Omani youth to meet the company’s operational needs. The symbiotic nature of this program has benefitted fresh graduates and diploma holders as well as OQ, contributing to their mutual growth and to Oman’s development.

Since its launch, the program has seen 1,550 candidates absorbed into the company. The last batch alone received 11,700 applications of which 192 were onboarded. OQ follows a systematic and proven filtering and assessment methodology that tests the candidates on various attributes.

Young Omanis are the driving force behind OQ. The company attracts, develops, and retains the best people and is committed to creating new jobs for Omanis. Through this program, OQ provides the support and development necessary for them to prosper and succeed.

By introducing them to a work environment that is challenging yet rewarding, OQ ensures that the joining graduates receive the right technical and soft skills to meet the organization’s and the economy’s expectations. The program is also a key element in the company’s CSR and In-country Value agenda.

Based on the objectives of building business acumen and enhancing employee value proposition, the joining graduates will join OQ Graduates Development Program which is broadly categorised as OQ Bachelor GDP Journey, a two-year initiative, and the OQ Diploma GDP Journey, which runs for one year.

Both segments are a blend of technical and non-technical modules. While the technical modules groom engineers, technicians and operators, the non-technical side shapes young Omanis for corporate roles.

The two-year OQ Bachelor GDP Journey Program begins with setting goals for each year. Connecting sessions are held every two months; performance reviews and assessments are conducted twice a year while trainees get to know more about OQ and its operations during monthly sessions with experts.

The first year of training is marked by onboarding, induction, personal finance, on-the-job training, assignments and rotations, business skills course and technical course.

A large part of the second year, too is earmarked for technical courses, on-the-job training and culminates with professional certifications or membership, final assessment, and graduation.

Just like the program for graduates, the OQ Diploma GDP Journey too is broadly divided into instructor-led and On-job Training (OJT) modules. Over the course of a year, the candidates attend connection sessions, get to know more from OQ experts, receive coaching and mentoring, undergo assessments before graduating and being hired as employees.

Overall, the OQ Graduate Development Program sets the benchmark for future leaders of Oman.

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